Saturday, November 17, 2012

Measuring Advertising Spending From JustPlay

Ever since the launch of many choices of advertising models, companies are looking forward to innovative platforms to hook the customer. Smartphones are really becoming hottest medium as the subscription of mobile users grows rapidly day by day.

Sweepstakes, lotteries, sampling or free give always are also picking up to create brand awareness among the consumers  as it is another proven cost effective methods of promotion of products and services. South African based JustPlay can be a right example with its consumer driven approach posts a drastic shift or maker over in innovation of advertising online.

JustPlay connects sellers or manufacturers or a given business to measure total advertising spend as it is very critical for success of a marketing campaign.  The actual process is first the visitor logs into JustPlay and complete a short questionnaire that is provided by the sponsor to qualify for a prize. This helps the companies and sponsors to initiate one-to-one contact with the consumers interested in a specific brand. With at least 366000 South Africans have voiced their approval in JustPlay that shows it has become a pioneer in online marketing space globally.