Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here's A Quick Way To Google Advertising

Google adwords tool is helping small scale business and also creates awareness about how to make right decision at a right time. It also helps you to stand out as a leader for your niche. Moreover many of newcomers were asking on how google adsense works that’s well briefed in this post itself. Through google adwords tool, advertiser will post their latest and unique products to the consumers through internet which will be helpful for organizations and individuals. Most advertisers want Google to launch their latest products and services. If they avoid Google, they miss lot of useful information about new products which could have been gained and utilised by using awesome product. Google adwords tool is a platform in which bidding process takes place. Advertisers will bid their ads in the platform to appear in a Google’s search results. It also explains about important factors like Quality Score and cost-per-click. All of us have a habit of overlooking ads. Even though we ignore these ads, we often want our readers to click on our ads to earn some money. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody clicks on other person’s ads to let him/her earn a single penny.   If you click Google ads, they can have a chance to increase Google ad revenue and also helps other people to earn some money. 

How google adsense works:
Google AdSense is a win-win program which creates a great platform for advertisers and publishers.
Google AdSense is a text  and image based platform which are available in the following four different sizes(google adsense sizes)

728 * 90 (leader board)
468 * 60(standard banner)
120 * 699(skyscraper)
300 * 250(inline triangle)

With the above google adsense sizes, the required size  and fonts can be customized with your logo. Then add relevant content. It is nothing but a keyword driven concept which helps in steady form of income. Recently Google have launched new version of Google maps and Gmail for iOS. This update version proved Google iPhone, a best mobile phone on the planet. The future of advertising on Google glass: Google will launch Google glass in the year 2014. Ad agencies are literally begging to get a pair. 

The top high impact of google adwords tool are,
Media Ads: It contains video components which are served in AdWords. When someone clicks video thumbnail, it video expands to a larger portion of the screen. Google serves this based on the linking keyword queries.
Product listing Ads: Google automatically select the most relevant product from the merchant centre account.
Enhanced Sitelinks: Google had a higher click-through rate. It had reported ads with the basic sitelinks to a 30% improvement over ads with no sitelink.
Remarketing for search: Advertisers can retarget their customer based on previous search history.
Offers Extensions: The new offers include discounts, rebates, coupons, etc.  This feature integrates with Google offer.
Reminder Extension: It includes sales event, store opening, application deadlines,etc. It enables searchers to send themselves an email remainder for an advertised event.
Remarketing for Google Analytics: It is new and powerful targeting event which is based on advertiser defined segments.
Dynamic Display Ads: It helps to display your ads in a dynamic, creative and targeted way. 
Comparison Ads: Cost-per-lead model offers comparison with other companies which helps customer to compare rates and offers for credit cards, checking amount and saving amount.
App Promotions: It provides graphics and formatting which updates the rating and reviews. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Advertising Works While You Sleep

Onlineadvertising is also called online internet advertising which is one of the fastest growing media vehicle. Till date over 56 million citizens are using online. It has an advantage of active reader involvement and attention. There is an option to choose different sites and subjects for viewing advertisement. It has an advantage of adding value to your business.
The demographic profile of Internet users  desirable to advertisers is 68% who have household incomes of $50,000+ and 83% have a college education. Internet as a medium for online internet advertising is accessible, inexpensive and completely doable. It is a very useful tool for all business corporations. Onlineadvertising is implemented in Pay Per Click program (PPC). Most of the online companies provide their service through Facebook, You tube, Google Ad words, Linked in, etc., PPC provides geographic location for your ads. Online advertising is effective because whenever they are visiting your site through ad it means you are getting the potential customers. With the new technology changing, it is difficult to control the experience of user over time and return on investment is also difficult to measure the online internet advertising.

Top 5 online advertising, industries with their contributions are
·        Automobiles: 16.1%
·        Fashion: 14.8%
·        Entertainment: 10.6%
·        Computer and electronic products: 10.3%

For an effective online advertising, the following factors are main to be considered. They are Keyword Research, Landing Pages and Track Campaigns.

·        Keyword Research: It plays a vital role. If the site is popularized then you will get natural traffic.

·        Landing Pages: To design an effective landing page, user should perform certain action. Ad campaign should accomplish landing page in order to optimize the rate of response.

·        Track Campaign: It is tracked using analytical techniques. It requires software.
Advantage of using media for online internet advertising   It enhances your brand and provides a way for customers, client and leads to interact with you on a personal level. Some of the popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, etc.
According top 10 researches, the total mobile brands have reached USD 7.48 million turnover.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Designing Brand Identity: Basic Principles Of Successful Branding

Designing brand identity is an image which is used by the business to utilize marketing strategies and so as to enhance the product or service. It helps the service to create a strong favorable impact on the targeted consumer. It should follow some brand identity guidelines which helps in establishing a brand in the long run. 

Branding should be simple. For popular and famous branding, there should be simple and easy to remember logo. Branding should be different: Your brand should have individuality so that target customer will buy.  Branding should be safe: Designing brand identity - for e.g. a logo for your business, keep in mind about the regional and cultural sensibilities. Brand identity guidelines does involve the three main factors. They are brand promise, brand attributes and brand personality.

•      Brand promise: It is a commitment that the company makes to its customer. The promise states about the important benefits of the product.
•      Brand attributes: It describes about the quality, innovations, customer service, etc. It helps the business to deliver the brand promise.
•      Brand personality: It is the characteristic of the consumer experiences when they experience the brand in their hands.

The nine most important for brand identity guidelines are,  
•      Keep the brand simple and short.
•      Mass production builds brands
•      Focused and targeted brands are more powerful than diffused brands
•      Branding should be different
•      Always avoid sub-brands 
•      Categorization of brands has a huge advantage
•      Quality of the branding is so important
•      Build strong brands
•      Have a branding in writing format.

Good branding happens only when,
•      Your brand creates perception that no other brand has created like yours. 
•      It creates a memorable identity and should be unique.
•      It should be positively differentiated from rest of the competitors.
•      It should make consumer to feel that the brand is theirs.

Branding connects the corporation to the outside world and the consumer. It is fully infused through all facets of a corporation its product and service, etc. These are only the brand identity guidelines of success branding thru designing brand identity. If you have any brand identity guidelines to write please feel to comment for designing 
brand identity to the world.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Do You Know The Basics Of Advertising?

Advertising is a powerful business tool to publicise  your message to your desired audience. Derive the types of advertising before actually starting advertising. Advertising is a method of promotional, non-personal and paid form of communication used to promote products, goods, services and ideas. It is a form of marketing process and its aim is to inform, to persuade, to remind, or to reinforce a message.  Based on its purpose, creating an ad, is split into  types of advertising and namely  Informative advertising, Persuasive advertising, Reminder advertising and Reinforcement advertising. Creative advertising ideas that  creates brand awareness and knowledge of new goods or new features in an existing product is Informative advertising. The goal of creative advertising ideas is creating liking, conviction, preference and purchase of product is Persuasive advertising.  The advertising which stimulates repeat purchase of products and services is Reminder advertising. The advertising which tries to convince the current purchasers that they have made correct choice of the product they have purchased. There are many types of advertising to advertise the product in a presentable form to the consumer. Some of the ways of creating an ad, is by releasing ads in Newspaper, by direct mailing, Brochures, Television, Magazines, Radio, Coupons, Internet Marketing, Outdoor such as billboards, Special promotions or packages, etc. The medium which we choose depends on what our target audience will see and where they turn for information and as well as budget constraints. Timing plays a vital role in placing the product in front of the customer. If we place our ad too soon, people may forget about our event. If we place our ad too late, people may have purchased before or they have other plans. While setting advertising schedules, two main approaches have to be considered.

a.     Continuous schedule - When demand and seasonal factors are considered to be unimportant then advertisement will run throughout the year.

b.     Flight schedule – When demand and seasonal factors are considered then advertisement will be distributed unevenly.

The elements to be considered for effective advertising are:·        
  • Be on strategy with its goal and its product positioning.·        
  • Short story should be short and simple.·        
  • Stick with a likable personality, attitude and style.·        
  • Be truthful and credible.·        
  • Be competitive.·        
  • Be professional.·        
  • Ask for sale.
Some of the best print ads of 2013: Print ads suggest some of creative advertising ideas are of elevations in the world of advertising.

· An excessive print ad imaginatively expresses an idea and often requires jiff thoughts in order to fully grasp. This print ad aims on asking one if they are in the right profession.

·        Sony PlayStation: Sony's PlayStation catchphrase reads: "Live in your world, play in ours", something that this mixing of the famous Hollywood hill sign and PlayStation buttons conveys effectively.

·        Master dog Light: This advertisement is for a diet pet food, which does make the concept of the image a bit easier to grasp.

·        Nor consult: The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" is something that many print ads understand quite thoroughly.

·        IKEA: IKEA is known for its modern stylish nature which also exemplifies the ability for items to be delivered. Creating an ad does not only demonstrate a sense of creativity, but also offer ideas about a company that people might not be conscious of.