Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facebook vs LinkedIn Lead Conversion Comparison

Facebook and LinkedIn are most sought ideal social networks for online marketing. But why some businesses have a preference for  LinkedIn and some for Facebook?  As far as Facebook is concerned, it began as a social networking hub targeting the students entering a college campus in response to MySpace which linked young students together throughout their high school years. Initially, Facebook was a highly sophisticated social network, similar to MySpace. LinkedIn was found as a business network and not as a social network. LinkedIn denied options to post photo albums or converse freely within the network or groups. LinkedIn is more ‘professional’ than ‘social’. With Facebook ads you can purchase a pay per click ad which are cost effective to target a specific niche and you can spend according to your budget. But with LinkedIn you can display the value of your business without any advertising.  By analyzing and researching various statistics of social media from news, blogs and web portals I have found that Facebook generates the most conversions for B2Cs and LinkedIn generates the most conversions for B2Bs.


  1. Facebook and LinkedIN are ones of the most influential social networks. They occupy a big part of online marketing and it is really great opportunity for communication with your clients and potential clients. I ordered social media services from IM Action (read more) and got a great experience how correctly work in social networks for benefit my business.

  2. Very nice post on Facebook Vs. Linkedin lead conversion. I have been doing Facebook Ads Campaign Management for my personal blog and have tried other platforms too. I realized that B2B lead conversion is possible in Linkedin whereas B2C is largely possible with Facebook.