Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Master The Art Of Response Marketing With These 10 Tip

Response marketing is a two way communication which occurs between buyer and seller, where the seller directly implores a response from the buyer. There are a number of aspects contributing to the success of Response marketing. It has precise consumers who are current or potential users of a particular product or service. The transcript is written in a very personal style, like in a private conversation. Usually, the products offered through Response marketing practises are not accessible in traditional retail advertising, or they vary in price, type, or certain benefits over competing brands. The Response marketing is a part of any marketing media from direct mail to bill boards, print advertisements and online ads. The secret to positive Response marketing is totally one and the same  as compared to  any other advertising or promotional activity. The 5 main key elements of Response marketing are,

·       There must be a benefit-oriented headline.

·       There must be a real marketing message involved.

·       There must be an offer of some kind.

·       There must be wisdom of firmness, a timeline or a deadline to retort.

·       There must be a response device or instructions on how to retort.

Start with clearly described marketing goals and determine how Response marketing can fullfil the role that it has in the marketing plan. For full impact, Response marketing should be seen as part of the overall promotional plan. To be operative, it must make the most from the chances offered by databases. Direct response offers a number of exciting replacements to outmoded advertising in the media.  Magazines winkle over 50 per cent of all Response marketing done in the media. They offer advertisers with direct response, a number of features ideally combined.  Magazines have a number of added values for companies desiring to advertise with direct response:

·       Audience selection: Magazines have the capability to attract readers with common aspects and interests. Focused publications provide an environment friendly with publishingadvertisements that hold them, confirming that the reader has “the appropriate state” for an advertisement.

·       Response marketing in magazines may reach a group of readers that generally would be excluded by other modes of communication.

·       Sustainability: Magazines have a longer life, allowing the coupons to be cut or responses to offers to be sent days or even weeks after the magazine has been received

·       Sizes and colours: The distinctive advertisement in a magazine contains enough space for vouchers and detailed information about the product.

·       Reputation: Magazines afford many of the advantages of direct mail, but with an additional status to their advertising agency.

The approach of direct response should be

·       action-oriented.

·       targeted demographically and geographically.

·       short-term focused; you get results immediately.

·       measurable.

·       translate directly into revenue.

·       relatively small investment in creative support.

·       simple to reproduce your best results; once you know what’s working, you can do it over and over again.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Effective Strategies For Direct Mail That You Can Use Starting Today

Direct mailing is flexible for marketing. It aims on lead generation, introduction of new product, customer relationship management development and database management. Direct mail marketing uses the unique features of direct mail formats which includes the colour, fonts, and interactive elements that makes different from the rest of the mail. It is a medium of advertising to target consumers through the mail, or addressed to readily selected persons, or unaddressed and distributed to pre-selected areas. Direct mail is the most heavily used direct marketing method which also helps in brand management. It is the third largest advertising medium sought after newspapers and TV because it can be applied to a targeted audience and sent modestly using bulk mailing rates. Targeting and Personalisation is the two main key for the success of direct mail marketing. Targeting refers to the specific people who are most related to the information you are sending. Personalization refers to individualizing the marketing process. The largest expense of direct mailing is postage which also do account for nearly 1/3rd  of the total cost of a direct mail campaign. Other costs include designing, writing, printing, packing the mailing, and buying mail lists. Direct mail marketing plays an effective part in b2b marketing. It generates new sales leads. The four important tips for direct mail marketing are:
·        Understanding your target consumer: Knowing the best consumer is the key tool. Make a clear understanding of customer’s profile such as their shopping and purchasing behaviour, their attitude towards products, marketing and media, their lifestyle habits, etc. will help you to become even more effective in both your leader selection and messages while communicating with your leads.
·        Target your ideal customer: Target mailing is expensive and it will have good response and growth rate. After you reached your target customer, you can able to build a targeted list of new leads. It has maximum percentage of prospects responding to your mail.
·        Pick a mailing list type: The proper mailing list will contain most valuable prospects. Mailing list categories are specialty list, customer mailing list and cloned list.
·        Create a mailing: After the creation of your mail, you should deliver your marketing message. Make consistent information in the messages and it should offer high quality of professional service.
Now let us see the advantages of direct mail marketing are.
·        Targeted: It reaches a specific group of people and make them to buy their product.
·        Personal: It puts your message straight in the hands of the consumer. It increases strong customer bondage.
·        Tangible: It is tangible. The message can be picked up again, it can be studied and re-considered.
·        Integrated: Mailing creates brand awareness to the point of purchase.
·        Measurable: At last enclose an order card or return envelope.
From various facts, it have been found that through direct mail marketing, the business have got higher return on investment (ROI). 81% of American households do read or scan their mail. So, it helps in correct choosing of right potential customers. 5 out of 10 household do their shopping from home through mail.

Get The Scoop On SMS Marketing Before You're Too Late

More than 90 percent of mobile phone customers are using free SMS communications. It has quickly become one of the wildest and coolest ways to communicate with friends and family. Free SMS marketing has become an active way for businesses to alert customers and clients about special promotions and deals send those coupons and keep them informed about company news. Some SMS marketing companies even offer a trickle of free messages per month, and even 30-day (or more) trial offers that enable you to try before you make any type of pledge. The key to text-message marketing is to frequently engage customers to build a two-way communication with them.  There are three main features that businesses can use to increase the back-and-forth communication:
·        Auto-Responders: One of the most prevalent options is auto-responses, that could  be easily setup in prior to launch of the campaign and hence businesses don't have to respond to each customer individually. The auto-response messages could be programmed to be pushed only when certain criteria are met, such as when new customers opt in to start receiving messages, when they participate in a survey or when they use certain keywords.

·        Surveys and Polls: By sending out polls, businesses can help determine what consumers are looking for — whether it is which food item to add next to a menu or what deals people want to receive free SMS about. Surveys are an important tool in two-way communication that can improve a company's marketing and service offerings.

·        Coupons: Sending customers coupons is also a popular  way to drive in new business. At all times consumers are always seeking  for a good deal, and coupons can get them in the door easily and are ready in spending money.

Now let us see how profitable can  free SMS marketing for small business would be:

·        Free SMS marketing is commercial, fun and easy and seeing it is also more than reasonable for small business and it is also useful for all.

·        With SMS promotion you can create strong brand, create an interest in your goods and services, gain more customers inside of the doors of your business, gain subscribers to your marketing list, and put more cash in the bank and so much more.

Most free SMS are read within a time of 4 minutes of being received. A survey taken in 2012 reveal that the majority of all individuals desire to collect coupons and other special deals via their mobile phone. SMS marketing for small businesses operates on all types of mobile phones, not only smartphones, so you’re not missing out on a passion. SMS marketing has higher success charges than both email marketing and social broadcast pooled. With 95% of all messages being read, there is a good chance it will work for you. Mobile usage is pervasive in marketing and is growing substantially. The statistics obtained from a recent survey reveals that

·        “53% of American consumers buy their latest new smartphones to use search engines once a day.”

·        “Over 75% of mobile device consumers respond to mobile-augmented sites when making acquisitions.”

·        “64% of smartphone proprietors are now using their mobile plans to shop online usage”