Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here's A Quick Way To Google Advertising

Google adwords tool is helping small scale business and also creates awareness about how to make right decision at a right time. It also helps you to stand out as a leader for your niche. Moreover many of newcomers were asking on how google adsense works that’s well briefed in this post itself. Through google adwords tool, advertiser will post their latest and unique products to the consumers through internet which will be helpful for organizations and individuals. Most advertisers want Google to launch their latest products and services. If they avoid Google, they miss lot of useful information about new products which could have been gained and utilised by using awesome product. Google adwords tool is a platform in which bidding process takes place. Advertisers will bid their ads in the platform to appear in a Google’s search results. It also explains about important factors like Quality Score and cost-per-click. All of us have a habit of overlooking ads. Even though we ignore these ads, we often want our readers to click on our ads to earn some money. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody clicks on other person’s ads to let him/her earn a single penny.   If you click Google ads, they can have a chance to increase Google ad revenue and also helps other people to earn some money. 

How google adsense works:
Google AdSense is a win-win program which creates a great platform for advertisers and publishers.
Google AdSense is a text  and image based platform which are available in the following four different sizes(google adsense sizes)

728 * 90 (leader board)
468 * 60(standard banner)
120 * 699(skyscraper)
300 * 250(inline triangle)

With the above google adsense sizes, the required size  and fonts can be customized with your logo. Then add relevant content. It is nothing but a keyword driven concept which helps in steady form of income. Recently Google have launched new version of Google maps and Gmail for iOS. This update version proved Google iPhone, a best mobile phone on the planet. The future of advertising on Google glass: Google will launch Google glass in the year 2014. Ad agencies are literally begging to get a pair. 

The top high impact of google adwords tool are,
Media Ads: It contains video components which are served in AdWords. When someone clicks video thumbnail, it video expands to a larger portion of the screen. Google serves this based on the linking keyword queries.
Product listing Ads: Google automatically select the most relevant product from the merchant centre account.
Enhanced Sitelinks: Google had a higher click-through rate. It had reported ads with the basic sitelinks to a 30% improvement over ads with no sitelink.
Remarketing for search: Advertisers can retarget their customer based on previous search history.
Offers Extensions: The new offers include discounts, rebates, coupons, etc.  This feature integrates with Google offer.
Reminder Extension: It includes sales event, store opening, application deadlines,etc. It enables searchers to send themselves an email remainder for an advertised event.
Remarketing for Google Analytics: It is new and powerful targeting event which is based on advertiser defined segments.
Dynamic Display Ads: It helps to display your ads in a dynamic, creative and targeted way. 
Comparison Ads: Cost-per-lead model offers comparison with other companies which helps customer to compare rates and offers for credit cards, checking amount and saving amount.
App Promotions: It provides graphics and formatting which updates the rating and reviews. 


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