Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unique Features from Influads Network

While a lot of pay per click companies are competing to establish their presence online, Influads is such an innovative player with its monopoly features that is not available with other networks. Influads are clutter free i.e. it displays only ‘one ad’ in high quality sites to drive traffic to your website. The placement of the ad is also relevant while constant quality and diversity being the top three qualities of Influads.  With a simple step by step procedure as a publisher you can apply in the home page of Influads. Approval doesn’t take quite a long time as I registered my account and everything happened in matter of no time to setup ad in my websites. Placing ads in Influads also is very easy. There is a ready made pricing based on your requirements exclusively to feature on:
  • Desktop & Web Apps
  • eMarketing & Social Media
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Tech, Gadgets & Geeks
  • Web Development
Influads welcomes to build own network from quality publishers. Influads provides effective technical and sales support through sharing ideas and planning development of the whole process.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Online Rental Ads from RentShout

RentShout as the name tells is an online property rental advertising service. Its quite unique in nature as RentShout only publishes rental ads using Social Network Advertising, Apartment Video Advertising and the Directory Syndication. RentShout posts ads to premier ILS's, directories and search engines. RentShout creates high quality videos of your apartments and uploads them to various video portal sites like YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, Revver and others. The major rental marketing benefits of RentShout include: 
  • Rental Listing Syndication
  • Apartment Community Web Pages
  • Tracking Reports              
  • Track able Listing Phone Number               
  • Renter Click-to-Call               
  • Dedicated Listing Email Address               
  • Bulk Listing Upload 
  • Easy Craigslist Posting               
  • Professional Template Designs               
  • Rental Application Download               
  • Rental Videos               
  • One-Click Social Sharing               
  • Print Friendly Rental Ads. 

RentShout syndicates your rental listings to many online directories free except for premier ones for an additional fee. RentShout ads can also be tracked live to calculate the quantity of traffic received from the rental site and the links clicked from each ad. To sum up RentShout is an amazing site that provides best solution to get your rentals enormous visibility in front of renters.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Videopinions and Tryology from ExpoTV

As ecommerce is gaining momentum  faster than ever, over 70% of estimated US retailers are integrating video on their sites.  In a study by emarketer on types of videos US online shoppers use as an information source back in May 2011 reveals that 'user generated product reviews by a friend/acquaintances or an expert in the social network is a good way to leverage the trust with each other'.  In my other blog post I have mentioned how tryvertising is gaining significance for online marketers for inexpensive product sampling. Today am going to write about the advantages of video opinion and tryology together with ExpoTV as an example. ExpoTV banks on three major elements of product reviews namely videopinion reviews, how-to-buy videos and product demonstrations.
ExpoTV is an online video opinion and tryology company that firmly believes that video product reviews convert more sales and revenues when compared to any other media. While engaging the community through social networks, ExpoTV affirms that only video delivers the product demo and an emotional connection is established with the audience wherein text reviews will not succeed in conversion rates because a video is worth a thousand reviews.  In the 'programs' section, ExpoTV allows the community to share honest opinions about the products in five different ways. 
  • Review day to products used and upload the videos and give the opinion good or bad
  • Review featured products through special invitations
  • Get free products to sample and review before even they hit the stores and reviews
  • Review top selling products that is in the most wanted criteria every month
  • Take market research surveys and share opinion
There is a point system to all types of opinions and surveys plus lots of prizes for the best video opinions for the participants also. ExpoTV is really big for the next generation digital marketing and no doubt every marketer should plan to get his product reviewed in the next campaign for higher conversions.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Market Place for Voice Talents

Basically Voices is an online firm that connects businesses with professional voice talents through the marketplace. A great boon for ad agencies, radio and TV stations to look out for audition service and to hire voice talents. In the home page you can see the Marketplace section where Voices helps to hire talent faster by allowing to post your job free of cost. Voices claims that responses to your talent requirements does not consume more time. Down under the search tool you can see featured voice talent wherein the top performers are being listed. You can either search by Keyword, Language, Gender or by Location.If you want to compare or research which talent would be more suitable or appropriate for your documentaries, video ad or radio ad etc., you can search through the other four links in the Movers & Shakers section.

As you finalize the right candidate you can click the "Award Job" button in your accounts page and you will be directed to SurePay Escrow service. Once you are satisified with the output and have accepted the files or script, SurePay releases the payment to the candidate. ProTools, Adobe Audition or Audacity are the industry standard software used by the voice talents. Voices has a nice client profile like American Airlines,  Bell Canada, Cisco Systems, Comcast, ESPN, Firestone Tires, Ford, GM, ING,  Jaguar, Microsoft, NBC, Nortel Networks, PBS, Reader's Digest, The History Channel, US Army, US Government, Western Union and host of other small and medium enterprises. David Ciccarelli, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer made Voices as one of North America's fastest growing Internet brands and digital media company. Listed in PROFIT Magazine's "10th Annual PROFIT HOT 50" as Canada's #20 Emerging Growth Company, is also a member of the Better Business Bureau. For marketing internet business, voice talents play a major part in pod casting or video ads and no doubt Voices will be a sure success in all the parameters related to voice talents.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Launch eZine Ads for Traffic

Advertising in eZines can drive lot of visitors to your site instantly. For marketing internet business, eZines ads are valuable and considering the low cost eZine advertising is getting trendy in the digital arena. There are three popular eZine ads namely solo ad, sponsor ad and classified ad. Solo ad is an unique ad that is mailed to subscribers with a single ad only. Sponsor ad is shorter in nature which are five to fifteen lines and the charges depend on placement in the eZines. Classified ads are shorter than a sponsor ad which contains not more than five lines. Also in-line text ads are also getting popular these days. To get more results these ads can be promoted in eZines when you club a freebie with a regular product in your website. While writing an eZine ad do adhere to the subsequent tips for utmost conversion rate.

Ensure that your subject line stands 'unique':
eZine subscribers will glimpse the first line of your ad and it is very critical to turn the focus by presenting the No.1 advantage of your product or service.

Figure the exact benefits timely:  
In the first para make it certain to outline the benefits of the product or service that will solve the consumers problems.

Employ a Call-to-action Phrase:
Lead them what to do next and make them click through your ad to create a state of urgency. For e.g. 'This Offer closes this weekend and will not be available at the same price'.

After deciding to launch an eZine campaign start exploring which eZine directory to advertise your products. If you are a starter begin with a small budget to spend for eZine ads with small to medium subscribers.  Subscribe to as many eZines and see what kind of content would match your product message. Compare many eZine ad costings with many publishers. If you want to get more traffic to your website you can offer a freebie for the first time and capture the visitors by list building.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 10 Article Marketing Tips for Beginners

One of the traditional ways in marketing internet business is article marketing. In this blog post am going to give an insight how article marketing can help you in marketing internet business.
  1. Firstly keyword research should be done in order to properly label or tag your article. Go to Google Adwords and do the research. It is the greatest free tool and nobody can get closer to Google Adwords.
  2. Publish your articles about your product in article directories, blogs or forums
  3. Brain struck for ideas? Dig deeper on your product features and create pillar articles that will help solve the problem of the consumer
  4. Interlink your articles written in the past and engage the consumer to read more posts.
  5. The article should be informative and make the important points or texts in bold or italics.
  6. Don’t put all eggs in  one basket. Try to write one feature more elaborately instead of writing all the features in a single article.  For marketing internet business, do write as many articles about the product and submit to as many different article directories.
  7. Spelling, grammatical, syntax errors should be checked before you hit the submit button.
  8. All the information in your articles should be up to date and fresh so that the consumers will be more interested and will focus on you and this will lead to conversion. All search engines love fresh contents for the products promoted.
  9. Network with participants in related seminars of your niche and brainstorm for fresh ideas.
  10. Patience is the virtue for success. Don’t expect given a single day your article will be indexed in the first page of Google! It takes weeks or even months for your article to appear in the search engines.

Hope these tips would be a brainer for article marketing and no doubt you will get more traffic and conversion rates in marketing internet business as you apply these techniques. If you have more tips please write in the comment box.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Classified Ads Directory for Marketing Internet Business

Online classified ads are very important to announce, sell or buy any product or services just sitting in the comfort of home without spending anything. Classified advertisements are very popular and atleast 20% of netizens are placing atleast one ad everyday. I have compiled an ebook 'Free Classified Directory' that lists more than 800 websites allowing to post numerous ads totalley free. You can post your website details, affiliate products of any kind, product details, buy or sell anything in free classified websites. Here are some of the classified ads directory for marketing internet business in the free ebook:
1.     adscl
2.     adsclassified
3.     adsdig
4.     adsdito
5.     beranda
6.     berkshireads
8.     bestmall
9.     chinaclassifiedz
14. desizip
19. expss
28. gopost
32. hudku
34. i24
43. kauff
44. kenya
46. loot
49. malads
63. tumano
64. twinads
65. tytia
71. vottle
72. waachaa
73. waiana
78. zarru
80. zeoh

Download 800+ classified ads directory free! Please bookmark this blog post.

Friday, December 2, 2011

M-Sites And Apps To Combat In Marketing Internet Business

As compared to computers or emails,  there is a speedy increase in usage of internet through smart phones as consumers will look ahead for smooth navigation, interaction and superior user experience in 2012.   Day after day, the importance to optimize the existing websites for mobile compatibility is gaining more attention. On the other side mobile apps are getting admired and this will be the trend in the approaching year which would make the tech giants Google and Apple go head-to-head in order to dictate the blooming m-commerce market. This illustration will give you an insight into most popular app types, download statistics and usage (Click image to enlarge).
Timing will forfeit an extremely crucial role  for retailers who are now using various channel operations either apps for smart phones or m-sites for engaging the consumers.   The following m-sites will gather momentum for affiliate marketers in the coming months due to m-commerce spurring growth based on consumer engagement with smart phones.

1. Apps
2. App Directories
3. Mobile Web Directories
4. Mobile Videos
5. Mobile Casino Games
6. Mobile Payment Services
7. Location Targeted Ads
8. Click to Call/Pay Per Call

According to a study by e-consultancy, online marketers and retailers have to wake up at this point to leverage this extraordinary potential as apps and m-sites fall short to reach massive proportion of phone owners whereas the SMS open rates are roughly 90% and convert at a figure i.e. 400% higher than email marketing. No doubt success in real time conversion of consumer visits apart from using videos for viral traffic to normal website would have a great impact only if mobile site and apps are ready for marketing internet business to achieve the targets and maximum profits.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top 10 Social Networking Sites on the Web

Today I am listing the top 10 social networking sites on the web. This listing has been derived after analyzing various parameters related to social networking concept only and not measuring Alexa ranking.

A social platform which bonds people, friends to upload photos, share links and videos
Alexa Traffic Rank: #2

A social software platform providing a small world set-up for the experts
Alexa Traffic Rank: #280

Presents a profile page, a friend request tool, photo storage, music review, video, and email
Alexa Traffic Rank: #724

Indulge in to create a better world, one couch at a time
Alexa Traffic Rank: #1953

Kickstarter is a funding dais for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors and more
Alexa Traffic Rank: #1981

Foremost elegant address book, Plaxo amalgamates your contacts
Alexa Traffic Rank: #3062

Online networking for business, offline networking events and international networking groups
Alexa Traffic Rank: #8285

Members get a free networking related home page and can send messages to other associate members.
Alexa Traffic Rank: #43967

Initiate your own online society. Comprising routine social networking, message boards, video sharing, viral widgets, etc.,
Alexa Traffic Rank: #47834 

Stumble on people by name, location, email, or keyword, it is a people search engine
Alexa Traffic Rank: #155282

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marketing Internet Business 101

I was just thinking a very long time ago to stumble on a massive list of ideas for marketing internet business of various products and services. Here are some of the ways for marketing internet business and most of them are free.
  1. YouTube
  2. Write Articles
  3. Write a Book
  4. Web Site
  5. Viral Marketing
  6. Video – Do It Yourself
  7. Twitter
  8. Training
  9. Testimonials – Written and Video
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  11. Reward Referrals
  12. Put Your Web Site URL on Everything
  13. Press Reprints
  14. Press Releases
  15. Podcasts
  16. Online Listings
  17. Networking
  18. Message Boards
  19. LinkedIn – Answers
  20. Link Exchanges
  21. Learn from the Pros
  22. Interviews
  23. Google AdWords
  24. Free Samples
  25. Free Classifieds
  26. Free Advice
  27. Forums
  28. Facebook Ads
  29. E-newsletters
  30. E-mail Signature
  31. E-commerce
  32. Customers Thank You’s
  33. Customer Loyalty Cards
  34. Cross Promote with Others
  35. Craig’s List
  36. Coupons
  37. Copywriting
  38. Contests
  39. Blog
  40. Become an Expert
  41. Be Creative
  42. Barter
  43. Ask for Referral

Monday, November 28, 2011

BoardTracker Forum Search Engine for Marketing Internet Business

BoardTracker is an innovative forum search engine owned by Pidgin Technologies.  This search engine is exclusive for message boards and forums.  It provides innovation in searching, exploring and social networking platform to bring consumers closer to free discussion boards. It tracks messages and gives instant alerts to provide relevant info faster. BoardTracker guarantees that no forum thread is missed when or where it is posted in the free discussion board. Similar to Google Alerts, BoardTracker is an immense tool that can be utilized in several ways. At the outset it can be used like a conventional search engine wherein you will notice only relevant results from the forum threads only.  You can pre label the search terms when you sign up and get notified as soon as a forum thread corresponding the search term is posted in thousands of forums being tracked by BoardTracker through email, Jabber or Site. Now have a look at the signup page. (Click on the image to view larger)

Step 1: Just enter the user name and password in this page and you will get a free trial for 30 days. After you agree with the terms and conditions of the site you will be taken to the contact details page.

Step 2: Specify the term or queries you require for instant alerts.

Step 3: Choose any of the options like email or Twitter or RSS formats for notification of alerts and you are done.

Do you think BoardTracker can be helpful for marketing internet business more accurately? I guess you enjoyed this post and do comment your views on BoardTracker.