Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marketing Internet Business 101

I was just thinking a very long time ago to stumble on a massive list of ideas for marketing internet business of various products and services. Here are some of the ways for marketing internet business and most of them are free.
  1. YouTube
  2. Write Articles
  3. Write a Book
  4. Web Site
  5. Viral Marketing
  6. Video – Do It Yourself
  7. Twitter
  8. Training
  9. Testimonials – Written and Video
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  11. Reward Referrals
  12. Put Your Web Site URL on Everything
  13. Press Reprints
  14. Press Releases
  15. Podcasts
  16. Online Listings
  17. Networking
  18. Message Boards
  19. LinkedIn – Answers
  20. Link Exchanges
  21. Learn from the Pros
  22. Interviews
  23. Google AdWords
  24. Free Samples
  25. Free Classifieds
  26. Free Advice
  27. Forums
  28. Facebook Ads
  29. E-newsletters
  30. E-mail Signature
  31. E-commerce
  32. Customers Thank You’s
  33. Customer Loyalty Cards
  34. Cross Promote with Others
  35. Craig’s List
  36. Coupons
  37. Copywriting
  38. Contests
  39. Blog
  40. Become an Expert
  41. Be Creative
  42. Barter
  43. Ask for Referral

Monday, November 28, 2011

BoardTracker Forum Search Engine for Marketing Internet Business

BoardTracker is an innovative forum search engine owned by Pidgin Technologies.  This search engine is exclusive for message boards and forums.  It provides innovation in searching, exploring and social networking platform to bring consumers closer to free discussion boards. It tracks messages and gives instant alerts to provide relevant info faster. BoardTracker guarantees that no forum thread is missed when or where it is posted in the free discussion board. Similar to Google Alerts, BoardTracker is an immense tool that can be utilized in several ways. At the outset it can be used like a conventional search engine wherein you will notice only relevant results from the forum threads only.  You can pre label the search terms when you sign up and get notified as soon as a forum thread corresponding the search term is posted in thousands of forums being tracked by BoardTracker through email, Jabber or Site. Now have a look at the signup page. (Click on the image to view larger)

Step 1: Just enter the user name and password in this page and you will get a free trial for 30 days. After you agree with the terms and conditions of the site you will be taken to the contact details page.

Step 2: Specify the term or queries you require for instant alerts.

Step 3: Choose any of the options like email or Twitter or RSS formats for notification of alerts and you are done.

Do you think BoardTracker can be helpful for marketing internet business more accurately? I guess you enjoyed this post and do comment your views on BoardTracker.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Trends in Digital Media and Paid-for-Apps for 2012

As we debate which media viz. online, mobile, tablet andsocial media will queue in the priority list in 2012 for marketing internet business, here is the latest findings from an event organized by World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) at Hong Kong. Simon Shepherdson from Aspermont is of the view that today large numbers of people are accessing websites via mobile than ever before. I agree and if you are marketing internet business take this seriously because mobile-optimized sites will be more preferred by the consumer as the visitor won't stick around for much time. As the quantity of time visitors spend on a website plays a major factor rather than unique visits for advertisers, subsequently it will have an effect both engaging the consumer and the revenues for non-mobile-optimized sites. So what is the trend for mobile apps revenue? In paid-for-apps, pricing plays a crucial role and the best way is to analyze is user feedback data and forums to maximize the mobile apps revenue.  Mariam Mathew of Manorma Online in India says that readers are willing to pay for apps something people missed on the world-wide-web provided the pricing is more affordable. As far as the print media is concerned, the competition has just begun while analyzing the performance of Aftonbladet.  Anders Berglund feels that this news site attracts nearly half of the Swedish internet population as this site acquires half of its advertising revenues from digital media than the print media. This is an incredible example for those marketing internet business who believe that consumer won't pay for news online is not correct.  Similar medias can maximize the revenues from their news sites provided the news content is 'fast live' with social and interactive persona, multifaceted content all the way through multimedia and interactivity. No doubt these trends are set to continue  for marketing internet business in digital and paid-for-apps on the higher side in the year 2012.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to Drive Viral Traffic at Zero Cost ??

In this digital age, it is crucial to drive viral traffic to websites for accomplishing maximum sales and profits. Online business owners are already losing money in PPC, banner ads and in other medias trying to get traffic to their websites. Most of the website owners, affiliate marketers or internet marketers are still facing this common problem i.e. traffic. Over 90% of websites face this setback because they don’t know how to actually drive traffic in this digital age. Though there are CPA, PPC, banner ads, Google Adwords networks, eZine articles, SEO set to drive traffic, however, these advertising medias consume lot of time, hard work or quite expensive. Without fresh and constant traffic to your site or affiliate pages it is very difficult to maximize revenues. So how to drive viral traffic at zero cost? When I was researching online for how to drive viral traffic at zero cost to websites and after filtering over 300 websites, I was just surprised to see traffic black book. While studying the kind of technology, I found that Viral Referrer is quite an amazing, divine and powerful tool that spreads product message like viral to the consumers at zero cost. This awesome tool is not related to blogging, article marketing, PPC, squidoo, banner ads, bookmarking etc., It is a pure no nonsense technology that drives tons of traffic totally free, targeted and immediate traffic to your site and you too can watch how this tool works in this traffic black order to drive viral traffic at zero cost.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Website Ideas for 2012

Today I have listed some "Best Website Ideas for 2012" for entrepreneurs, work from moms and online marketers . Please write back your comments on what you think about the start-ups listed here. Here are the "Best Website Ideas 2012" for you.
  1. A community for coders
  2. A funnier way to study
  3. A missed connections website
  4. A new social bookmarking site
  5. A new social gaming network
  6. A thorough guide to local TV
  7. Acoustic guitar lessons and tips
  8. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine
  9. Addiction treatment and recovery
  10. Aggregating best tweeters together
  11. Aggregator of tech news
  12. All that athletes could ever need
  13. Answers for questions
  14. Apartment listed on Twitter
  15. App developers hired
  16. Appreciation management made easy
  17. Ask for relationship advice
  18. Ask SEO questions
  19. Association of camp nurses
  20. Automatic landing page translations
  21. Best cities to live in
  22. Best companies to work for
  23. Best loan consultant
  24. Best prepaid cards
  25. Bet on whatever you want
  26. Books for teens
  27. Brainstorm ideas with prizes
  28. Bringing local communities together
  29. Build a FAQ page
  30. Campus life and information
  31. Car sharing of campus students
  32. Cards for dating people
  33. Classified for artists
  34. Community for beer lovers
  35. Compare cities in the world
  36. Compare life insurance rates
  37. Compare web hosts
  38. Connect with other sportsmen
  39. Create a will for all online assets and passwords
  40. Create and share lists
  41. Create own mobile network
  42. Creating meaningful hold messages
  43. Daily inspirational quotes
  44. Database for voice recordings
  45. Date people by flavor
  46. Debate about whatever you want
  47. Design and sell  own dresses
  48. Different ways to raise funds
  49. Directory for wedding photographers
  50. Discover new TV Shows
  51. Discover new wines
  52. Donating to charity simplified
  53. Download files from anywhere
  54. Earn money by sharing short urls
  55. Encouraging open innovation
  56. Entry level jobs for students
  57. Examples for everything
  58. Fantasy betting
  59. Find & rent properties across the word
  60. Find alternatives to everything
  61. Find and post nautical ads
  62. Find best drupal themes
  63. Find best ipad apps
  64. Find buyers for timeshares
  65. Find tutors for everything
  66. Fitness and nutrition questions
  67. For printing of customized products
  68. Forecast for illnesses
  69. Free coloring pages and printable activities for kids
  70. Free consultations for everybody
  71. Free contests and giveaways
  72. Future of crowd sourcing
  73. Games to play on Facebook
  74. Get more followers on twitter
  75. Getting feedback on designs
  76. Give away unwanted stuff
  77. Good slogans for companies
  78. Group dating website
  79. Have  website analyzed
  80. Help others and let others help you
  81. Hire talented coders
  82. Hold online debates
  83. Horror movies database
  84. Horse health products and horse trainer tips
  85. Hot or not for everything else
  86. Hottest deals on Twitter
  87. Ideas for travelling
  88. Info and remedies on aches and pains
  89. International music chart
  90. Jobs for freelancers
  91. Large database of instructors for sport
  92. Learn if you are under paid
  93. Learn to write good emails
  94. Let the children enjoy the internet
  95. List the good things in life
  96. Live courses and classes
  97. Live sports scores
  98. Local events finder
  99. Local questions and answers
  100. Make site more intelligent
  101. Making predictions more accurately
  102. Managing cloud environments
  103. Market  professional skills
  104. Mortgage rate information
  105. New freebies everyday
  106. Online games for children
  107. Online translation service
  108. Own start page
  109. Personal assistants for everyone
  110. Personal coaching for internet skills
  111. Plan for next holiday
  112. Plan for weekly meals
  113. Platform for informal learning
  114. Play flash games for free
  115. Pop culture forum
  116. Positive art criticism
  117. Predict the future
  118. Promote who you are
  119. Promoting brands via photo contests
  120. Quality wordpress themes
  121. Rate the street where you live
  122. Rating customer service
  123. Read and debate politics
  124. Recipes for cocktails
  125. Record and deliver audio cards
  126. Record conference calls
  127. Recruit co-founders
  128. Recruit the best young talent
  129. Rent fine art
  130. Rent vacation homes
  131. Renting books for children
  132. Renting meeting space for all kind of events
  133. Report scams and frauds
  134. Report the latest local news
  135. Resource for actors
  136. Review and rate websites
  137. Review the products you buy
  138. RSS feeds printed and delivered
  139. Run background checks
  140. See who else is flying with you
  141. Selling and buying class notes
  142. Send out  SMS reminders
  143. Sending out recordable gifts
  144. Share code snippets
  145. Share content and get paid
  146. Share social news
  147. Share the latest fashion
  148. Share  favorite recipes
  149. Sharing local calendars online
  150. Ship whatever for less
  151. Short term jobs
  152. Simplifying business process
  153. Social directory of conferences
  154. Social polling site
  155. Social site for travelers
  156. Sports challenges and competitions
  157. Store all the recipes
  158. Store the memories
  159. Students trade notes
  160. Talk with other programmers
  161. Teach Chinese online
  162. Teach English in China
  163. Teach to code online
  164. The cost of living in foreign countries
  165. Things to do where you are
  166. Top ten lists for whatever people love
  167. Touch screen displays for companies
  168. Touch typing course for kids
  169. Toy rental service
  170. Trade intelligence at its best
  171. Traffic network for bloggers
  172. Training and education for insurance and securities brokers and agents
  173. Transferring critical knowledge
  174. Travel advice and ideas
  175. Turn the blogs into a book
  176. Turn the emails into a book
  177. Tutors for children
  178. Tweets for the city you are in
  179. Very dynamic visual directory
  180. Watch ads and win prizes
  181. Weather info via twitter
  182. What happened today?
  183. Where bartenders are hired
  184. Where consumers speak their minds
  185. Where freelancers are listed
  186. Where hourly work is listed
  187. Where ideas posted and ranked
  188. Where lost cameras are found
  189. Where lost mobiles are found
  190. Where workplaces are rated
  191. Worldwide database of places
Hope you enjoyed the 'Best Website Ideas for 2012'. If you have more 'Best Website Ideas for 2012' do write in the comment box and I will mention your blog or website in my next blog.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Engage Consumer for Marketing Internet Business

Thanks to innovation in advertising and technology in this digital landscape it has become imperative how we are going to engage the consumer. Apart from pay per click, advertising, email marketing, engaging a consumer to focus on your products is a great challenge. In order to be a success in marketing internet business it all depends on how you focus the consumer using tech and data to predict their wants and needs.  In a study Jonathan Gardner shows five impeccable ways to put consumers front and centre in your advertising. All the five methods are really relevant and I agree with the strategies of how to engage the consumer in marketing internet business. The other way content plays a key role to engage the consumer through website or blog or social networks. By providing wealth of information through website or enewsletters the consumer can perceive the knowledge and solutions to his problems. In his new blog post Mikal E. Belicove stresses the importance of goal setting for communicating with your consumer based on well drawn strategies. Also a sound content written by great writers will help transform your thoughts logically. The consumer can be notified easily through Facebook and Twitter.  Subsequently all the CTR’s can be tracked in marketing internet business using various free media marketing tools like ISISToolBox.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Analysis of Textuate SMS Marketing Features

SMS marketing is a proven and cost effective, online internet advertising to promote offers and increase sales. Today am going to review a simple web SMS software for marketing internet business from Textuate. Basically, Textuate technology is really fast and effective. Textuate claims that email marketing are often ignored and end up in customers spam box in most of the campaigns. Textuate assures that 99.7% of messages are read most of the time. You can upload, store and manage total customer base in various groups for several marketing campaigns. For SMS marketing plans cost wise Textuate offers pay as you go plans without requiring any contracts. Some of the prime features of Textuate is that you can send fully customizable & brandable messages for marketing internet business in bulk. Also upload, store & manage your contact lists online in real time. In addition there is no need to install any software to download and no hardware to setup Textuate online internet advertising.

It is a simple 1-2-3-4 step to launch an SMS marketing campaign. First you have to upload the contacts either individually or in bulk from a .CSV file. Then you can categorize the contacts in several groups for different marketing promotions.  Just like composing email, group messaging with Textuate is simple and easy. If you want to schedule a campaign to be executed in a future date it is possible with this platform. Also once the messages are sent, Textuate allows to track the status of each recipient in real time. Hence while marketing internet business, the SMS marketing program is inevitable for online internet advertising.  For online internet advertising, will Textuate feature the top list in marketing internet business?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Online Internet Advertising of Content with Eggtop

What can you guess when you hear the word Eggtop? I thought it should be a site for creating recipes. I was wrong. Actually, Eggtop has been created for creative people who want to showcase their talents through online internet advertising. It stands as a two way marketing tool for creators and the fans. Creative people in various fields like musicians, photographers, flash-animators, cartoon makers, writers and poets, artists, dancers, sculptors, actors, filmmakers, etc. dream to be celebrated and much admired in the world of arts. But conventional method to achieve success is very difficult due to cost factors and intermediaries and hence, online internet advertising is the only solution.  Here comes Eggtop to help promote creative projects for the struggling and aspiring artists in order to bring in a massive attention of the world without any geographical restrictions. In just two minutes an Eggtop personal page would become active when you sign up.  Once the content is uploaded, an expert will browse your content for evaluation and the same will be ranked by its quality in the Eggtop site.

Once you upload the content to Eggtop you will have a chance to:

1. Choose your target audience based on country and city, sex, age, social status, education and income level, etc
2. Design a small questionnaire on the content in order to receive a feedback for e.g. In the vocal in your track or on the subject matter of your photo.
3. Move up into top chart list in if the audience love your content
4. Stumble on a load of fans across the globe

With Eggtop platform, musicians, gamers, animators, writers, photographers, artists can showcase their talent by taking part in interview sessions, hold presentations and exhibitions, create own fan-club, choose target audience and find your fans or ask a question to a star using the Eggtop star blogs too.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Marketing Campaigns with Crowdsquared

Crowdsquared is a brand new, fantastic tool for online internet advertising. A relative parallel tool like Tabblr you can publicize lots of offers augmenting massive sales from any website or affiliate sales page. With Crowdsquared's marketing internet business you save lot of money and time for advertising digital products online. Crowdsquared connects your offers to the customers through social network sharing.  In marketing internet business,  for e.g. an ebook, mp3, newsletter, 1 to 1 offer or a coupon can be promoted with Crowdsquared at zero cost. As of now there is no signup fee for online internet advertising and registering as Crowdsquared is totally free.
With Crowdsquared's  online internet advertising:

Bloggers can get more traffic by giving away a free ebook compiling top 10 posts
Musicians & Film Makers can offer a sneak peak of the videos
eCommerce Owners can do marketing internet business by offering a discount or zero shipping
Restaurants can promote by offering discount food coupons on next visit
Advertisers & Marketers can do online internet advertising to the customer as he places an order by offering a bonus or discount coupon
Authors can offer a first chapter of any book to generate sales

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tabblr Mobile Apps Review for Online Marketing

George Tung and Milos Golubovic are the two brains for internet marketing for online business behind the conception of tabblr. Principally, tabblr is intended to discover new activities to chip in and to spot what is happening around you with tabblr's mobile app. By assigning the activity on the tab you can explore new specials and deals at shopping malls, large avenues or even around the town without worrying about payment or printing of coupons. At any time you can enable or disable Auto-Posting or Auto-Tweeting or you can migrate from personal account to business account for internet marketing for online business. For internet marketing for online business the tabblr offers to create, schedule and post promotional offers like new winter specials, buy 2 get 1 deals, new store inauguration etc.,  Tabblr doesn’t  require any fee or profit sharing for your promotion because tabblr is 100% free. Just entering a city or zip code a consumer can see the promotions offered in his geographic area without browsing the rest. Online internet advertising for non-profits like charities, schools, churches can announce daily, weekly, monthly or annual events and everything goes live instantly.  All the online internet advertising and the activities can be shared from the tabblr site to the social network sites. No doubt tabblr is an exclusive, internet marketing online advertising for online internet advertising of products and services.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Online Marketing of Business using BusinessCard2

Whether we admit or not we are all sellers, selling something may be a product or service for a living by using online internet advertising. Building a rapport for successful selling plays an important role in personal selling. It's a known fact that branding  with media marketing tools have the power to produce credibility to the business and may turn to leads.One of online internet advertising is distributing business cards to several websites for targeted online advertising.  BusinessCard2 aims to provide visibility to your business by providing the media marketing tools to digitally drop your business card on the sites where your target audience lives. You can prefer to publish your phone number or only your contact information to message without knowledge of your email identity.  Also BusinessCard2 helps to bring your business card to the top of search engines by improving the SEO in your profile page. By means of embedded vCard technology you can import contacts, chat, share on email, social networks, embed the card in your blog or website and direct link to the profile page. Online internet advertising of  BusinessCard2 is really exciting and valuable prospecting tool to internet marketing for online business.
Using prime features BusinessCard2 you could:

Easily find, search and quickly download contact information of business partners, vendors, prospects, etc.
Create and market sales literature, slide presentation, video, podcast and links to social networks
Distribute cards on high-traffic websites(very important online internet advertising)
Publicize with other BusinessCard2 users through private messaging
Scale higher in search engine results and rankings with individual card URLs
Observe comprehensive analytics or statistics to track the performance of the card
Increase online visibility and spawn buzz with online internet advertising from BusinessCard2

To sum up, business cards are most essential in internet marketing for online business. No doubt as online internet advertising like BusinessCard2 will play a vital role of every marketing campaign.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Review of DivinityMetrics Video Marketing Program

Today online internet advertising goes viral with video advertising as it has become a growth opportunity for advertisers to connect with millions of potential consumers. DivinityMetrics all new scope video measurement platform has the amazing capability to locate audience, optimize and target content. Divinity Metrics employs state of the art program to measure the behavior of the consumer and share out your video to 150+ video sites that is the right demographics. As far as online internet advertising is concerned over 200,000 videos are being uploaded every single day and hence there is a massive competition in the internet arena. To tackle the competition, DivinityMetrics in online internet advertising does pick blogs, websites and social icons that are appropriate to your brand and engage them with your content to push word of mouth advertising. Here is a case study of online internet advertising on Beijing Olympics which used video marketing using DivinityMetrics' scope video measurement platform. Adding up DivinityMetrics presents variety of online internet advertising  the  scope, video search term optimization, website and including blog promotion of videos, and consulting. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review of Breakthrough Mobile Ads from BrightRoll

BrightRoll is an online internet advertising and foremost  quality video advertising network with major portfolio of premier notorious, high volume video advertising sites equally in the Internet and in mobile on hand. The prime principle of BrightRoll is to serve smart video advertising expertise to marketing internet business  of any size. With BrightRoll’s exciting mobile solution, buyers can implement both mobile and online video ad campaigns for internet marketing online advertising through a single buying platform. Either it is a online internet advertising  or web video content, BrightRoll can adapt them to manage ad units in wide array of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. BRIQ which claims as a patented buying platform of BrightRoll manages traffic statistics, audience target, delivery, reporting and performance optimization of video advertising campaigns.BRX (BrightRoll Exchange) stands for prime video exchange industry that facilitates the internet marketing online advertising to reach particular audience and guarantees the campaigns are executed across high quality sites. An advertiser can target select portfolios of a given demographic and geographic are or top ten sites of a specific list. BrightRoll helps to reach more than 100+ million unique viewers comparing to television instantly. BrightRoll ads can be customized  easily with branded video layer skin, custom link buttons to advertiser’s website or Facebook or Twitter ages.  It includes Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Interactive Pre-Roll, as well as in-banner units such as Auto Preview, Expandables, and Marquees. BrightRoll features only ComScore 250 sites with large, targeted content audiences comprise the major share in online internet advertising. However it also has dynamic reach both online and in mobile within definite vertical and demographic targets. Really awesome for internet marketing online advertising isn’t it?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Innovative Media Marketing Tools from Linkablenetworks

Linkablenetworks unleashes an innovative, internet marketing for online business that converts banner, email, mobile, print, TV, and radio ads into linkables.  Linkable Networks delivers the online internet advertising  that converts and monitors your cross-media merchant and product advertising to in store sales supporting all forms of media. Here is how it works. When a customer visits a site with linkablenetworks, the  customer will see or hear quite a lot of linkable savings offer. The  customer then, clicks the text or scan to link the offer to their debit or credit card.  As soon as  the  customer buys the product on the advertiser's website, the savings automatically appears in their account without attaching , clipping or printing of coupons. Linkablenetwork’s internet marketing for online business links the relevant ad in any medium to online store for shopping using closed loop attribution. The advertisers can offer special discounts or rebates in the pre purchase consideration phase. That’s why more effective customer acquisition, loyalty and retention occur. No doubt, Linkablenetwork's online internet advertising would radically enrich the campaign performance and ROI while broadening the internet marketing for online business could reach and value through social media distribution and backing of several offers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SMX Social Media Marketing 2011 Conference at Arizona

SMX Social Media Marketing conference would be held on 5th December' 2011 at Arizona.
The topics of the conference include:

1 Free Facebook Tactics to Drive Traffic & Conversions
2 Successful Targeting Strategies For Facebook Ad Campaigns
3 Boosting Business With Twitter Marketing
4 Google+ & Google +1 – What Every Marketer Needs To Know
5 Keynote Roundtable: Real Social Media Stories From The Field 

For full conference agenda for SMX Social Media Marketing 2011 visit SearchMarketingExpo.

Review of TallStreet Social Recommendation Engine

TallStreet is an internet marketing online advertising new social recommendation engine or a web directory for marketing internet business where you dominate the search results by rating.  It is an exclusive new With TallStreet you can rate on various kinds of sites like: web, video, music, image, book, news blog, group, shopping, software and podcast. As you sign up with TallStreet for marketing internet business you turn out to be a trader similar to stock market.  You need to play the search results by investing (not real money) on the sites pointing to select keywords. For e.g. if people find the keywords in the sites you invested deemed to be useful you would earn more money to invest further.  On the other  hand  if people don't find your sites beneficial your money would be exhausted.
In order to be successful in TallStreet you have to:

Invest in valuable sites that people are expected to award 5/5 ranking to the select sites,
Invest in a broad range of sites like: web, video, music, image, book, news blog, group, shopping, software and podcast for internet marketing online advertising
Place a link of the invested sites back to and get higher ranking for every click.

In marketing internet business, you can promote either your web, video, music, image, book, news blog, group, shopping, software and podcast or affiliate pages by giving 5/5 rating. So automatically your site will get higher ranking for internet marketing online advertising if the information or resources are useful to the people. But be cautious as spam page ranking will decrease by other users even if you provide 5/5 rating. Trading in TallStreet is really cool and funny for internet marketing online advertising because you will get instant membership totally free of cost for a limited period.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Review of Media Marketing Tools from Mineful

Mineful is a brand new customer loyalty platform wherein it attempts to keep hold of customers through attrition prediction. With Mineful’s, media marketing tools you can forecast and retain customers by conveying to customers with bad purchasing pattern or feedback.   Mineful applies new method in evaluating customer attrition factors with prophetic models and segmentation techniques. Mineful helps to engage with dissatisfied customers with alters when customers buying pattern goes unusual and get alerts when customers rate the product or service poorly. With state of the art technology just at the click of a button you will be able to email, call or tweet the customer to clarify the issue. Mineful further, combines customer data with Volusion, Magento, Miva Merchant, Shopify, and Salesforce in minutes plus merges feedback with shopping analysis and media marketing tools.

Other media marketing tools of Mineful's include:

Feedback management through mobile phone surveys,
Visual dashboards updates with latest data using variety of graphics, charts, that can be accessed anytime,
Collaborates most recent data within your team or share reports, tasks and data among your clients or colleagues to impress.

Jump to Mineful home page and find out media marketing tools that will work for you.