Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Insider Secrets Of Viral Video Discovered

Viral video helps in marketing the brand through using internet, social media and other technologies to create awareness. The main goal of viral video is to create a message to consumer who is potential to buy a product or service. Viral marketing requires a good strategic planning for utilizing a social media and well developed content that would help in delivering better results.

Some of the Viral video strategies are:

1.  Optimization of Google Search Engine for organic ranking.
2.  Using Google Pay-per-click advertising
3.  You tube videos, keywords, and using advertisements.
4.  blog
5.  Facebook
6.  Twitter
7.  Common Net groups
8.  Network marketing

Most viral videos what we make should be short and sweet. The video should not exceed three minutes. The power of internet audience is very less when compared to television audience. So choice is huge when the audience views the video that is more than 3 minutes which is longest engagement.

The viewing span of the video by the viewers are very small and the judgment has to be made for the first 3-5 seconds. The viewer fails to watch the video if the video is not so very interesting and catchy.

Mostly the videos are silly but people may view it as the video would have entertained them emotionally and gave them a good time laughing or emotionally touching them.

Main elements of viral video should be:
  • The video should instantly engage the audience and it should hold their attention on the video.
  • The video should entertain and educate the audience.
  • Viewers should feel like forwarding the video to others.
  • Videos should be crisp, short and consistent.
When we take any viral video there is always a curiosity by the people where sometimes it is evident and sometimes it is submissive. Telling a story by hiding the real thing first and slowly opening up the real fact is one of the major important strategies.

Remixing gives a good result on viral video. One should create a video that is simple to be remixed over and over. A video should not be felt like an ad by viewers and it should look really amazing. The video should always be shocking and interesting that the viewer should not have other choice but to investigate it further. Some examples of perfect videos are as follows:
·       Model Falls in Hole on Runway
·       Cheerlander Gets Run Over by Football Team
·       PacMan The Chase
·       Dude
·       Dog drives Car

Title optimization: To maximize the number of views one of the easiest ways is title optimization. Good catchy title is one of the main marketing strategies. First make a catchy title and this title can be changed number of times. Changing the title with the brand name second time would make the video sensible.

A video on the most viewed page along with other twenty or thirty videos creates a thumbnail option which is the best strategy to maximize the number of visits of viewers. Thumbnails should be of high quality in video and it should have at least a face or a person in the picture.

Posting videos simultaneously is a wrong strategy in video marketing. After the first video is done we delete the second video in next 48 hours window to push the more viewed page. Then delete and repeat the same process. By using this strategy viewers get completely engaged into the videos.

Strategic Tagging is one of the very important strategies used in viral video. You Tube have an option to tag the videos to be displayed on some specific relevant searches.

Measuring effectiveness -Metrics/Tracking: TubeMogul and Vidmetrix helps to track views, comments, rating of each person and graphs can be drawn using this method. These tools also help to measure viral spread of popular video sites other than YouTube through other social sites.