Saturday, October 12, 2013

Do You Know The Basics Of Advertising?

Advertising is a powerful business tool to publicise  your message to your desired audience. Derive the types of advertising before actually starting advertising. Advertising is a method of promotional, non-personal and paid form of communication used to promote products, goods, services and ideas. It is a form of marketing process and its aim is to inform, to persuade, to remind, or to reinforce a message.  Based on its purpose, creating an ad, is split into  types of advertising and namely  Informative advertising, Persuasive advertising, Reminder advertising and Reinforcement advertising. Creative advertising ideas that  creates brand awareness and knowledge of new goods or new features in an existing product is Informative advertising. The goal of creative advertising ideas is creating liking, conviction, preference and purchase of product is Persuasive advertising.  The advertising which stimulates repeat purchase of products and services is Reminder advertising. The advertising which tries to convince the current purchasers that they have made correct choice of the product they have purchased. There are many types of advertising to advertise the product in a presentable form to the consumer. Some of the ways of creating an ad, is by releasing ads in Newspaper, by direct mailing, Brochures, Television, Magazines, Radio, Coupons, Internet Marketing, Outdoor such as billboards, Special promotions or packages, etc. The medium which we choose depends on what our target audience will see and where they turn for information and as well as budget constraints. Timing plays a vital role in placing the product in front of the customer. If we place our ad too soon, people may forget about our event. If we place our ad too late, people may have purchased before or they have other plans. While setting advertising schedules, two main approaches have to be considered.

a.     Continuous schedule - When demand and seasonal factors are considered to be unimportant then advertisement will run throughout the year.

b.     Flight schedule – When demand and seasonal factors are considered then advertisement will be distributed unevenly.

The elements to be considered for effective advertising are:·        
  • Be on strategy with its goal and its product positioning.·        
  • Short story should be short and simple.·        
  • Stick with a likable personality, attitude and style.·        
  • Be truthful and credible.·        
  • Be competitive.·        
  • Be professional.·        
  • Ask for sale.
Some of the best print ads of 2013: Print ads suggest some of creative advertising ideas are of elevations in the world of advertising.

· An excessive print ad imaginatively expresses an idea and often requires jiff thoughts in order to fully grasp. This print ad aims on asking one if they are in the right profession.

·        Sony PlayStation: Sony's PlayStation catchphrase reads: "Live in your world, play in ours", something that this mixing of the famous Hollywood hill sign and PlayStation buttons conveys effectively.

·        Master dog Light: This advertisement is for a diet pet food, which does make the concept of the image a bit easier to grasp.

·        Nor consult: The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" is something that many print ads understand quite thoroughly.

·        IKEA: IKEA is known for its modern stylish nature which also exemplifies the ability for items to be delivered. Creating an ad does not only demonstrate a sense of creativity, but also offer ideas about a company that people might not be conscious of.


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