Monday, December 5, 2011

Classified Ads Directory for Marketing Internet Business

Online classified ads are very important to announce, sell or buy any product or services just sitting in the comfort of home without spending anything. Classified advertisements are very popular and atleast 20% of netizens are placing atleast one ad everyday. I have compiled an ebook 'Free Classified Directory' that lists more than 800 websites allowing to post numerous ads totalley free. You can post your website details, affiliate products of any kind, product details, buy or sell anything in free classified websites. Here are some of the classified ads directory for marketing internet business in the free ebook:
1.     adscl
2.     adsclassified
3.     adsdig
4.     adsdito
5.     beranda
6.     berkshireads
8.     bestmall
9.     chinaclassifiedz
14. desizip
19. expss
28. gopost
32. hudku
34. i24
43. kauff
44. kenya
46. loot
49. malads
63. tumano
64. twinads
65. tytia
71. vottle
72. waachaa
73. waiana
78. zarru
80. zeoh

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  1. Nice Posting!!!! But I am confused somehow that Which country will be target in above list of classified sites, Because I need only sites which is useful for USA because I want to start my Online Advertisement campaign especially for USA.

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