Friday, December 2, 2011

M-Sites And Apps To Combat In Marketing Internet Business

As compared to computers or emails,  there is a speedy increase in usage of internet through smart phones as consumers will look ahead for smooth navigation, interaction and superior user experience in 2012.   Day after day, the importance to optimize the existing websites for mobile compatibility is gaining more attention. On the other side mobile apps are getting admired and this will be the trend in the approaching year which would make the tech giants Google and Apple go head-to-head in order to dictate the blooming m-commerce market. This illustration will give you an insight into most popular app types, download statistics and usage (Click image to enlarge).
Timing will forfeit an extremely crucial role  for retailers who are now using various channel operations either apps for smart phones or m-sites for engaging the consumers.   The following m-sites will gather momentum for affiliate marketers in the coming months due to m-commerce spurring growth based on consumer engagement with smart phones.

1. Apps
2. App Directories
3. Mobile Web Directories
4. Mobile Videos
5. Mobile Casino Games
6. Mobile Payment Services
7. Location Targeted Ads
8. Click to Call/Pay Per Call

According to a study by e-consultancy, online marketers and retailers have to wake up at this point to leverage this extraordinary potential as apps and m-sites fall short to reach massive proportion of phone owners whereas the SMS open rates are roughly 90% and convert at a figure i.e. 400% higher than email marketing. No doubt success in real time conversion of consumer visits apart from using videos for viral traffic to normal website would have a great impact only if mobile site and apps are ready for marketing internet business to achieve the targets and maximum profits.