Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Trends in Digital Media and Paid-for-Apps for 2012

As we debate which media viz. online, mobile, tablet andsocial media will queue in the priority list in 2012 for marketing internet business, here is the latest findings from an event organized by World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) at Hong Kong. Simon Shepherdson from Aspermont is of the view that today large numbers of people are accessing websites via mobile than ever before. I agree and if you are marketing internet business take this seriously because mobile-optimized sites will be more preferred by the consumer as the visitor won't stick around for much time. As the quantity of time visitors spend on a website plays a major factor rather than unique visits for advertisers, subsequently it will have an effect both engaging the consumer and the revenues for non-mobile-optimized sites. So what is the trend for mobile apps revenue? In paid-for-apps, pricing plays a crucial role and the best way is to analyze is user feedback data and forums to maximize the mobile apps revenue.  Mariam Mathew of Manorma Online in India says that readers are willing to pay for apps something people missed on the world-wide-web provided the pricing is more affordable. As far as the print media is concerned, the competition has just begun while analyzing the performance of Aftonbladet.  Anders Berglund feels that this news site attracts nearly half of the Swedish internet population as this site acquires half of its advertising revenues from digital media than the print media. This is an incredible example for those marketing internet business who believe that consumer won't pay for news online is not correct.  Similar medias can maximize the revenues from their news sites provided the news content is 'fast live' with social and interactive persona, multifaceted content all the way through multimedia and interactivity. No doubt these trends are set to continue  for marketing internet business in digital and paid-for-apps on the higher side in the year 2012.


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