Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Engage Consumer for Marketing Internet Business

Thanks to innovation in advertising and technology in this digital landscape it has become imperative how we are going to engage the consumer. Apart from pay per click, advertising, email marketing, engaging a consumer to focus on your products is a great challenge. In order to be a success in marketing internet business it all depends on how you focus the consumer using tech and data to predict their wants and needs.  In a study Jonathan Gardner shows five impeccable ways to put consumers front and centre in your advertising. All the five methods are really relevant and I agree with the strategies of how to engage the consumer in marketing internet business. The other way content plays a key role to engage the consumer through website or blog or social networks. By providing wealth of information through website or enewsletters the consumer can perceive the knowledge and solutions to his problems. In his new blog post Mikal E. Belicove stresses the importance of goal setting for communicating with your consumer based on well drawn strategies. Also a sound content written by great writers will help transform your thoughts logically. The consumer can be notified easily through Facebook and Twitter.  Subsequently all the CTR’s can be tracked in marketing internet business using various free media marketing tools like ISISToolBox.


  1. Engaging customers on social media platforms is very important so that we can promote our brand and also build up good brand image

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