Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Analysis of Textuate SMS Marketing Features

SMS marketing is a proven and cost effective, online internet advertising to promote offers and increase sales. Today am going to review a simple web SMS software for marketing internet business from Textuate. Basically, Textuate technology is really fast and effective. Textuate claims that email marketing are often ignored and end up in customers spam box in most of the campaigns. Textuate assures that 99.7% of messages are read most of the time. You can upload, store and manage total customer base in various groups for several marketing campaigns. For SMS marketing plans cost wise Textuate offers pay as you go plans without requiring any contracts. Some of the prime features of Textuate is that you can send fully customizable & brandable messages for marketing internet business in bulk. Also upload, store & manage your contact lists online in real time. In addition there is no need to install any software to download and no hardware to setup Textuate online internet advertising.

It is a simple 1-2-3-4 step to launch an SMS marketing campaign. First you have to upload the contacts either individually or in bulk from a .CSV file. Then you can categorize the contacts in several groups for different marketing promotions.  Just like composing email, group messaging with Textuate is simple and easy. If you want to schedule a campaign to be executed in a future date it is possible with this platform. Also once the messages are sent, Textuate allows to track the status of each recipient in real time. Hence while marketing internet business, the SMS marketing program is inevitable for online internet advertising.  For online internet advertising, will Textuate feature the top list in marketing internet business?