Friday, November 18, 2011

Review of DivinityMetrics Video Marketing Program

Today online internet advertising goes viral with video advertising as it has become a growth opportunity for advertisers to connect with millions of potential consumers. DivinityMetrics all new scope video measurement platform has the amazing capability to locate audience, optimize and target content. Divinity Metrics employs state of the art program to measure the behavior of the consumer and share out your video to 150+ video sites that is the right demographics. As far as online internet advertising is concerned over 200,000 videos are being uploaded every single day and hence there is a massive competition in the internet arena. To tackle the competition, DivinityMetrics in online internet advertising does pick blogs, websites and social icons that are appropriate to your brand and engage them with your content to push word of mouth advertising. Here is a case study of online internet advertising on Beijing Olympics which used video marketing using DivinityMetrics' scope video measurement platform. Adding up DivinityMetrics presents variety of online internet advertising  the  scope, video search term optimization, website and including blog promotion of videos, and consulting. 

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