Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tabblr Mobile Apps Review for Online Marketing

George Tung and Milos Golubovic are the two brains for internet marketing for online business behind the conception of tabblr. Principally, tabblr is intended to discover new activities to chip in and to spot what is happening around you with tabblr's mobile app. By assigning the activity on the tab you can explore new specials and deals at shopping malls, large avenues or even around the town without worrying about payment or printing of coupons. At any time you can enable or disable Auto-Posting or Auto-Tweeting or you can migrate from personal account to business account for internet marketing for online business. For internet marketing for online business the tabblr offers to create, schedule and post promotional offers like new winter specials, buy 2 get 1 deals, new store inauguration etc.,  Tabblr doesn’t  require any fee or profit sharing for your promotion because tabblr is 100% free. Just entering a city or zip code a consumer can see the promotions offered in his geographic area without browsing the rest. Online internet advertising for non-profits like charities, schools, churches can announce daily, weekly, monthly or annual events and everything goes live instantly.  All the online internet advertising and the activities can be shared from the tabblr site to the social network sites. No doubt tabblr is an exclusive, internet marketing online advertising for online internet advertising of products and services.

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