Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Social Media Marketing Tools from ISISToolBox

ISISToolBox is a media marketing tools and SEO tool that has been designed after years of research and development. These tools attract not only traffic but helps in communicating and relationship building in the social media networks. With  ISISToolBox you can:

Post A Message To Your Social Media Accounts
Add multiple social media accounts and post messages to all the accounts from one page easily.

With Media Marketing Tools Retrieve Your Social Media (Public) Messages
Preview all the public messages in one shot from all the social media accounts

Retrieve Your Social Media (Private) Messages
Grab all the private messages and preview in a single page from all social media accounts with media marketing tools

With Media Marketing Tools Distribute Your Video Content To Youtube
In one shot, you can upload video files to multiple accounts in Youtube.

Research Leads On Social Media Sites
With Isis Toolbox you can perform keyword queries to find people to connect with and follow. A single interface helps to easily search for leads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using media marketing tools

Use The Twitter "Unfollow" Tool
Another useful tool is that if people don't follow you back you can grab a list of all people whom you follow, but don't follow you back and un-follow them.

With Media Marketing Tools Schedule Your Social Media Posts
Scheduling your message with media marketing tools to post on any day of the week to any social media account can be done with  ISISToolBox.


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