Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review of Breakthrough Mobile Ads from BrightRoll

BrightRoll is an online internet advertising and foremost  quality video advertising network with major portfolio of premier notorious, high volume video advertising sites equally in the Internet and in mobile on hand. The prime principle of BrightRoll is to serve smart video advertising expertise to marketing internet business  of any size. With BrightRoll’s exciting mobile solution, buyers can implement both mobile and online video ad campaigns for internet marketing online advertising through a single buying platform. Either it is a online internet advertising  or web video content, BrightRoll can adapt them to manage ad units in wide array of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. BRIQ which claims as a patented buying platform of BrightRoll manages traffic statistics, audience target, delivery, reporting and performance optimization of video advertising campaigns.BRX (BrightRoll Exchange) stands for prime video exchange industry that facilitates the internet marketing online advertising to reach particular audience and guarantees the campaigns are executed across high quality sites. An advertiser can target select portfolios of a given demographic and geographic are or top ten sites of a specific list. BrightRoll helps to reach more than 100+ million unique viewers comparing to television instantly. BrightRoll ads can be customized  easily with branded video layer skin, custom link buttons to advertiser’s website or Facebook or Twitter ages.  It includes Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Interactive Pre-Roll, as well as in-banner units such as Auto Preview, Expandables, and Marquees. BrightRoll features only ComScore 250 sites with large, targeted content audiences comprise the major share in online internet advertising. However it also has dynamic reach both online and in mobile within definite vertical and demographic targets. Really awesome for internet marketing online advertising isn’t it?

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