Thursday, November 10, 2011

Media Marketing Tools, Customer Data Peak Marketing Priorities

Which media marketing tools you would focus in mind to market your products online in concurrence with major marketers? A tricky question to answer at once right. A survey by ClickSquared and Relevancy Group reveals that customer data and media marketing tools peak the marketing priorities. In the analysis 35% respondents said that segmentation and targeting of customers would be the first priority in 2011. Apart from conventional marketing system, 30% of US marketers plan to integrate into social channels in order to leverage the social data using media marketing tools.  Increasing relevancy through dynamic content (20%), centralizing the customer data (19%) and improving response attribution (18%) figures as the next echelon of marketing priorities of US marketers. US marketers have also found that email marketing can be more result oriented with media marketing tools. In addition to media marketing tools, 17% of them quoted greater use of testing so as to optimize mailings with templates for email marketing. 17%  respondents were willing to hire key staff and bring all the media marketing tools altogether.  Subsequent priorities of US marketers in 2011 include centralizing cross-channel marketing to a single system(15%)  and marketing applications into one suite(9%) with media marketing tools.

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