Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Online Internet Advertising of Content with Eggtop

What can you guess when you hear the word Eggtop? I thought it should be a site for creating recipes. I was wrong. Actually, Eggtop has been created for creative people who want to showcase their talents through online internet advertising. It stands as a two way marketing tool for creators and the fans. Creative people in various fields like musicians, photographers, flash-animators, cartoon makers, writers and poets, artists, dancers, sculptors, actors, filmmakers, etc. dream to be celebrated and much admired in the world of arts. But conventional method to achieve success is very difficult due to cost factors and intermediaries and hence, online internet advertising is the only solution.  Here comes Eggtop to help promote creative projects for the struggling and aspiring artists in order to bring in a massive attention of the world without any geographical restrictions. In just two minutes an Eggtop personal page would become active when you sign up.  Once the content is uploaded, an expert will browse your content for evaluation and the same will be ranked by its quality in the Eggtop site.

Once you upload the content to Eggtop you will have a chance to:

1. Choose your target audience based on country and city, sex, age, social status, education and income level, etc
2. Design a small questionnaire on the content in order to receive a feedback for e.g. In the vocal in your track or on the subject matter of your photo.
3. Move up into top chart list in if the audience love your content
4. Stumble on a load of fans across the globe

With Eggtop platform, musicians, gamers, animators, writers, photographers, artists can showcase their talent by taking part in interview sessions, hold presentations and exhibitions, create own fan-club, choose target audience and find your fans or ask a question to a star using the Eggtop star blogs too.

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  1. I didn't have any idea about eggtop before. Thanks for this info. I'll use this in my Online advertising in the future.
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