Saturday, November 19, 2011

Online Marketing of Business using BusinessCard2

Whether we admit or not we are all sellers, selling something may be a product or service for a living by using online internet advertising. Building a rapport for successful selling plays an important role in personal selling. It's a known fact that branding  with media marketing tools have the power to produce credibility to the business and may turn to leads.One of online internet advertising is distributing business cards to several websites for targeted online advertising.  BusinessCard2 aims to provide visibility to your business by providing the media marketing tools to digitally drop your business card on the sites where your target audience lives. You can prefer to publish your phone number or only your contact information to message without knowledge of your email identity.  Also BusinessCard2 helps to bring your business card to the top of search engines by improving the SEO in your profile page. By means of embedded vCard technology you can import contacts, chat, share on email, social networks, embed the card in your blog or website and direct link to the profile page. Online internet advertising of  BusinessCard2 is really exciting and valuable prospecting tool to internet marketing for online business.
Using prime features BusinessCard2 you could:

Easily find, search and quickly download contact information of business partners, vendors, prospects, etc.
Create and market sales literature, slide presentation, video, podcast and links to social networks
Distribute cards on high-traffic websites(very important online internet advertising)
Publicize with other BusinessCard2 users through private messaging
Scale higher in search engine results and rankings with individual card URLs
Observe comprehensive analytics or statistics to track the performance of the card
Increase online visibility and spawn buzz with online internet advertising from BusinessCard2

To sum up, business cards are most essential in internet marketing for online business. No doubt as online internet advertising like BusinessCard2 will play a vital role of every marketing campaign.


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