Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Innovative Media Marketing Tools from Linkablenetworks

Linkablenetworks unleashes an innovative, internet marketing for online business that converts banner, email, mobile, print, TV, and radio ads into linkables.  Linkable Networks delivers the online internet advertising  that converts and monitors your cross-media merchant and product advertising to in store sales supporting all forms of media. Here is how it works. When a customer visits a site with linkablenetworks, the  customer will see or hear quite a lot of linkable savings offer. The  customer then, clicks the text or scan to link the offer to their debit or credit card.  As soon as  the  customer buys the product on the advertiser's website, the savings automatically appears in their account without attaching , clipping or printing of coupons. Linkablenetwork’s internet marketing for online business links the relevant ad in any medium to online store for shopping using closed loop attribution. The advertisers can offer special discounts or rebates in the pre purchase consideration phase. That’s why more effective customer acquisition, loyalty and retention occur. No doubt, Linkablenetwork's online internet advertising would radically enrich the campaign performance and ROI while broadening the internet marketing for online business could reach and value through social media distribution and backing of several offers.


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